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USAF Captain Nathan Nelson

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In December 2017, Air Force Captain Nathan Nelson, his wife, Jennifer, and their 3-year-old daughter, received a ground-up, mortgage-free home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Captain Nelson barely escaped death when a rocket-propelled grenade fired by Taliban extremists hit his forward operating base in Afghanistan in September of 2013. Tragically, his body took the brunt of the blast. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury, collapsed lungs and would lose 46 units of blood.

After undergoing several life-saving operations, he was flown to the Walter Reed Medical Center to be reunited with Jennifer, who was six months pregnant, and she has never left his side ever since. His recovery from the shrapnel wounds, TBI, collapsed lung, severely bruised organs and a massive blood transfusion, is still ongoing.

For his service and his sacrifice, Captain Nelson has been awarded the Purple Heart, Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, and several other honors. He is now paralyzed, and has limited use of one of his arms, but he and Jennifer have become inspirations to everyone they meet.

His home ceremony was attended by U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz, as well as several high-ranking military personnel on hand, including Lt. Gen Marshall “Brad” Webb, the Commander of USAF Special Operations Command (you may wish to look him up) and Nathan’s commanding officer, Col. Thaddeus Allen who spoke in great detail about Nathan’s heroism and bravery.

When it was his turn to speak, Captain Nelson humbly said that despite all the praise that he received throughout the ceremony, he said the real hero is his wife, Jennifer.

Welcome home Nelson Family!