The Kirstie Ennis Denali Climb

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Congratulations Kirstie ennis on climbing Denali

North America’s tallest peak!

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Kirstie Ennis Denali Climb Kirstie Ennis on Mount Denali Kirstie Ennis Mount Denali Climbing Kirstie Ennis Denali Climb
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In 2018, Kirstie Ennis first attempted her unimaginable attempt to reach the top of Denali in Alaska, the tallest mountain in North America at 20,310 feet high. If all went to plan, the trip would have taken approximately two weeks. But her team was struck by an unexpected snowstorm that forced them to remain at 14,000 feet for 16 grueling days. The climb lasted more than a month, and even though Kirstie reached as high as 18,000 feet following the storm – just 2,000 feet from the top! – they were forced to turn around to preserve their remaining oxygen and supplies. Her attempt was a remarkable testament to her strength and her human spirit, and it’s a miracle she came as close as she did in those impossible conditions.

And now, Kirstie is once again reaching for the top of Denali! Beginning her climb this weekend, just before Memorial Day, she will once again battle nature’s harshest conditions. Building Homes for Heroes is so proud to support Kirstie on this amazing journey, and it is your continued support that allows us to help all of our heroes accomplish dreams they never imagined when injured. Together, we are truly building better and brighter lives for our injured veterans and their families.

Please join us in cheering on Kirstie during her climb, and follow her daily progress across all of our social media accounts, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and of course on I know she will love reading all of your messages of support once she returns!

We’re all rooting for her so much to accomplish her dream of reaching the top, and to return safely. What an exciting moment of accomplishment that will be for Kirstie!

Together, let’s cheer her on!

Kirstie Ennis on Mountatin


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