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“Join Us” is a movement where amazing corporations, organizations, and individuals are all working together to improve the lives of our nation’s veterans while making our communities and countries a better place.

For those who are currently supporting Building Homes for Heroes, we are extremely grateful. You have helped us reach 11 consecutive years of growth while helping to create hopes and dreams for a better future for injured veterans and their families.

For those who wish to join us, here are the many ways that you can help us:

donate Send a Cash Donation
It is our goal to gift 300 mortgage-free homes by the year 2022. Your donation will help many injured veterans realize and receive this reality. Please visit our website to make a contribution!
follow Follow Building Homes for Heroes
Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram Every supporter counts! The more people we can reach on social media, the more support will grow on a nationwide level. Together, we can help injured veterans in a meaningful and memorable way.
initiate campaign Initiate a Donation Campaign 
If you want to inspire others to donate to our nation’s veterans, then we will help you create a fundraising page to raise funds for Building Homes for Heroes. You can personalize the campaign to include your own story about why you wish to help veterans.
share-story Share our Story 
If you share our Facebook page with your own social network, someone who you are connected with might be interested in hearing more about our cause, or subsequently sharing it with their own network. There are many people who are not aware of the work that we are doing. Spreading the word helps us immensely!
like-us Get Your Friends to ‘Like’ Us  
The person who gets the most of their friends to ‘Like’ our Facebook page each year will be invited to join Building Homes for Heroes at our annual Team Building event in Orlando, Florida!
volunteer Volunteer at a Home Ceremony
When we turn the keys over to a veteran and their family, we do so in grand fashion, inviting their friends and new neighbors to a Homecoming Parade and Ceremony to give the veteran the hero’s welcome that they deserve. Given the size and scope of these events, we can use the extra help! Contact us to learn what projects may be happening in your area and what opportunities are available.
lend-craft Lend Your Craft
While we are proud to employ hundreds of local contractors to assist us with our home builds, we certainly appreciate any licensed contractors or trades workers who wish to donate their time and skill to our projects.
donate-materials Donate Materials
We are also happy to accept any goods that would facilitate the building or modification of a home. Your donation would enable us to conserve more resources so we can help more veterans than ever before.
partner Partner with Us
Our corporate sponsors have been instrumental towards our success. If you are a corporation or business interested in helping veterans, please consider us. We’ve found that such partnerships can have a tremendous inspirational and morale-boosting impact on a company’s employees. Together, we can form a wonderful partnership that would help make our communities and country a better place.
get-involved Encourage Your Customers to Get Involved
If you’re a retail business provider and/or restaurant owner, we would be happy to partner with you to arrange for a portion of your sales to be donated to Building Homes for Heroes. Reach out to us if you’re interested and we will help you with promotional flyers and exposure!
reach-out Rally Your Community 
For our nation’s most severely injured veterans, we will build a house from the ground-up and customize it to fit their needs. This process takes a long time, and thus, we will be spending a long time in your community. What makes our cause so great is the support we receive from local residents. We’d love your help introducing us at local events — including meetings of the town and city council, or the Chamber of Commerce, as well as networking with local business owners — to assist with our process in integrating the veteran into his or her new community.



Thank you, again, for supporting our cause. To participate in any of these action items, please contact us at (516) 684-9220, or email info@buildinghomesforheroes.