17 Reasons to Support us in 2017

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Army Staff Sergeant Sharon Clark

Army SSG Sharon Clark joined the military to serve the country and to provide the means for a better life for her family. She initially served in the Air Force from 1995 to 1997, before enlisting in the Army, where she served for 13 years. She was medically retired in October of 2014. SSG Clark served in Iraq in 2010 and 2011. She has been diagnosed with posttraumatic disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder, lumbar degenerative disc disease, Intervertebral Disc Syndrome (IVDS) and migraines. SSG Clark has a 100% disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Army Sergeant Scott Adkins

Army Sergeant Scott Adkins joined the military out of his hometown in Sumter, South Carolina because he wanted to provide for his wife and children while carrying out his family’s military legacy,

He enlisted in the Army in 2010 with the hope of making it a 20-year military career. He is still serving our country.

It was in 2014, while Sergeant Adkins was active military, when doctors discovered he had Stage III esophageal cancer during an endoscopy. It has since advanced to Stage IV.

USMC Sergeant John Durham

US Marine Corps Sergeant John Durham joined the military in September of 2001 because it is a family tradition. He comes from a long line of veterans and wanted to be a part the legacy.

Army Staff Sergeant Giovanna Moreno

Army Staff Sergeant Giovanna Moreno enlisted in the military in February of 1997 out of New Jersey because she wished to serve her country and provide for her family.

During her decade of service, many horrifying experiences contributed to Staff Sergeant Moreno’s physical and psychological injuries, including exposure to small arms fire and an IED explosion during her four-year deployment to Iraq.

Staff Sergeant Moreno suffers from PTSD, seizures, a traumatic brain injury, migraines, hearing loss in both ears, tinnitus, a lower back injury and a right shoulder injury.

Army Sergeant Justin Ellis

Army Sergeant Justin Ellis joined the US Army in Weathorford, Texas in May of 1998. It was his belief that it was his path to serve the country and to do his part for society.
Sergeant Ellis was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his exemplary service.

Army Sergeant Joshua Hamilton

Army Sergeant Joshua Hamilton joined the military on February 1, 2005 out of Lewisville, Texas. He cites following family footsteps and serving his country to the best of his ability as reasons for joining the Army. He served in the Army for over five years.

Army Master Sergeant George Vera

It was out of love for his country that inspired Master Sergeant George Vera to join the Army in June of 1995 out of Nashville, Tennessee. Military service also runs in his family; his father served in the Marines.

In his 20th year of service, in August of 2015, Master Sergeant Vera’s base came under attack from a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (IED) driven by suicide bombers. Master Sergeant Vera exposed himself to the blast as he pulled wounded soldiers away from enemy fire. He was shot during his efforts to secure the perimeter.