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Army Sergeant Alan Wyrwa

Sergeant Alan Wyrwa joined the Army in 2001, citing his interest in becoming a U.S. citizen, and doing his part to protect the country through military service. Sergeant Wyrwa served five tours in war zones before being medically discharged in 2013.

During Sergeant Wyrwa’s five deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, he dealt with constant firefights, IED explosions, and, in one situation, had his vehicle roll over as a result of an IED explosion. Due to pain that he could no longer endure, he was unable to continue defending, securing, and assisting his unit.

USMC Lance Corporal Arturo Weber

Marines Corps. Lance Corporal  Arturo Weber made the decision to enlist in the military shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. He joined the Marine Corps shortly after graduating high school in Hamilton City, California.

Army Sergeant 1st Class Troy Reilly

Army Sergeant First Class Troy Reilly joined the military in October in 1987 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His injuries didn’t occur in one specific incident, but rather throughout his deployment to Afghanistan. From the day his unit arrived, they took on sniper fire and were in close proximity to mortar and RPG attacks. During helicopter flights from FOB Shank to Bagram, the unit took on enemy fire from the mountain tops. While Reilly’s unit served at Camp Blackjack, mortars and RPGs caused heavy damage.

Army Corporal Jesse Murphree

Army Corporal Jesse Murphree joined the military in 2005 because some of his family is from New York City and were affected by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. He wanted to serve his family and country.