17 Reasons to Support us in 2017

★★4 Stars on Charity Navigator★★





     If you are visiting the Building Homes for Heroes site, you are, perhaps, interested in supporting, or further supporting, the meaningful and memorable work we do. To those who generously support us, we are truly thankful. Together, we are making a tremendous impact in many ways. For those who are seeking insight and/or considering future support of our organization, please find 17 highly regarded reasons why Building Homes for Heroes may very well be your choice in 2017.


  1. Fastest Growing Charity in the NationBuilding Homes for Heroes is one of the fastest growing, efficient and effective veteran’s charities in the nation. Thanks to our many partners and growing support in all 50 states, Building Homes for Heroes is projected to grow by 1898% since 2010. With much work ahead, our sights are set on being the most recognized, respected veteran’s organization in the country.

  2. ★★★★ - Building Homes for Heroes was proud to receive the highest possible rating of 4 stars from Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest charity evaluator. We were also proud to receive a perfect 100 score for accountability and transparency.

  3. One Mortgage-Free Home Every 10 Days – In the past two years, we have gifted 57 homes nationwide. With growing support, we hope to help more veterans and families than ever before by gifting as many as 36 mortgage-free homes for injured veterans in 2017, equal to one home every ten days.

  4. 45 Homes – Separately from our home giftings, we hope to complete a minimum of 9 home modifications for injured veterans who are current homeowners, a total of 45 homes constructed and completed in 2017.

  5. 94% Program Rating – Following two consecutive years of 94% (93.83 & 94.2), the organization reached a fifth consecutive year in which, at least, 93% on every dollar donated goes directly to our mission, one of the few charities in the nation to accomplish this feat.

  6. President’s Salary – For an eleventh consecutive year, the President of the organization will donate his time and salary to the organization.

  7. Emergency Funding – We hope to further expand our efforts to provide watershed funding for veterans and their families who experience sudden life-altering moments in their lives.

  8. Team Building – Launched in 2015, the program is designed to strengthen bonds and family spirit among veterans and their families. It is yet another step toward marital success, family happiness, camaraderie and comfort in their everyday lives. The organization has found this program to be tremendously inspirational for veterans and families alike, another step toward being defined by their accomplishments and activities, and not their injuries or disabilities.

  9. Financial Awareness Programs – In partnership with the NAPFA consumer education program, we plan to expand upon our financial awareness programs to help an ever-expanding number of families live a life of financial freedom and reduced stress, directly related to their injuries, including PTSD and TBI.

  10. 100,000 Facebook Likes in One Year – In a 12 month span, Building Homes for Heroes received an incredible 100,000 likes on Facebook. The number continues to grow by the day and we are extremely appreciative of the increased support on social media. Please see our Facebook page to receive regular updates on our activities! 

  11. Economic Advancement – While many contractors are willing to donate their time and service, many do not have the means to do so. Building Homes for Heroes plans to support nearly 700 contractors and their families in the year ahead.

  12. Community Inspiration – At many ceremonies, we often see firefighters, police officers, political dignitaries, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Daisies, school bands, vintage cars, ROTC volunteers, veterans’ groups, family, friends and neighbors alike gather together to celebrate a veteran’s homecoming. The impact produced is clearly making our communities and country a better place, and setting a positive example for all to see.

  13. Marital Success and Family Happiness – Having completed construction on nearly 100 homes for veterans and their families, we are proud to announce that we have seen only four divorces to date. The combination of financial freedom and community support appears to be creating a clear and concise path towards marital triumph and family happiness for veterans, who are struggling with severe physical and cerebral injuries, including PTSD and TBI. In 2016, we will begin case studies to further research this significant observation.

  14. Housing stability – We are also in also in the process of studying how gifting a mortgage-free home can arguably be single most effective path for our more severely injured veterans along their road to recovery, preventing a downward spiral that can lead to increased PTSD, anxiety, marital struggles, resultant separation, homelessness and suicidal ideation.

  15. 27 states – We have performed operations in more than half of the states in the U.S, and counting. Including our satellite offices in Destin and Orlando, we plan to launch new offices in Tampa, Dallas and San Antonio.

  16. Over 500 times on Air – According to recent Nielson Data Research results, Building Homes for Heroes® has aired more than 500 times in just the past 2 years on national and local television for the gifting of homes to our nation’s veteran. To date, the organization has not paid for a single commercial.

  17. Growing Support – Building Homes for Heroes® is supported by amazing organizations such as Chase Bank, Advance Auto Parts, The Home Depot Foundation, Lowes, Johnson Controls, York Systems, Cantor Fitzgerald, Mazda, GE Silicone II, the FDNY, 343 Ride, BAE Systems, Legrand North America, Tijuana Flats, Mansfield Plumbing, William Ryan Homes, Randy Wise Homes, PCL Construction, Sikorsky Aircraft, Ebby Halliday Realtors, Hillwood Development Company, plus an ever-growing number of corporations, contractors and communities nationwide.


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